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Most of the Dj programs for pc can be downloaded from internet. Turntablist, Video Mixer, Vjs, Mobile Djs and Club Djs perform in distinctive manners. Which operating system is run by pc and how much you can spend to have the requisite program, are the considerations to be decided on priority.

Consider new exciting possibilities of using iPad for parties instead of turntables, digital vinyl systems. Playing of samples or loops, ability of software to play a number of tracks immediately or just two decks sufficient in your program, shall need consideration in selection. Type of controller required is also a consideration in deciding the program.

Video mixer and VJ program must have features to add images to sound. They must scratch and mix any kind of music video. Advanced digital scratching solutions must be made available to turntables. Provision of time code with vinyl may help in providing facility of scratching digital music on turntables.

Club DJ programs must help to enter into digital era. The program should have capability to fit in existing DJ booth to allow automatic switch to digital mixing at the desired pace. Mobile DJs must be characterized by specific tools like multi format database, fully automated playlist mixing, hardware controller, karaoke and music video support.

Based on these considerations, most used DJ programs for PC worth downloading are in numerous. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 program costs $ 89 and uses PC or Mac platform. It has very flexible performance features full of reliability and intuitiveness. With just a mouse and keyboard, it can be controlled very easily. Serato Scratch software Costs $ 129 and uses PC or Mac platform. Serato DJ is a controller oriented program and both has 4 decks.

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