Mixing Tracks Using DJ Mixer Options

dj mixerTo become a real DJ that can mix tracks in a professional way, it is obligatory to learn how to use a DJ mixer.

At the same time, it is one of the most important devices that a DJ may have to realize all the music effects. To learn how to use a mixer is not that easy and a lot of practice is needed to achieve the wanted results. Once you have that practice and you know how every slider and knob works, you will not even think before making any move as you will be mixing music in your head.

Mixing tracks will not be such a great problem for you and with time you will become a real master. First of all, you need to start learning how to use the crossfader which provides you with a chance to fade from one track to another. But you need to know some details as the crossfader plays the track which is related to the right turntable. If the position of the slider is in the middle position, then both tracks will be played simultaneously.

The equalizer will help you choose the proper frequencies to go through the chosen track. Pay attention that the equalizer includes the following knobs: high, mid and low. Besides, any DJ mixer will have two sets of knobs for each track played and you will successfully manage to mix them. By adjusting the equalizer, you will finally get a balanced mix of tracks.

The easiest way to mix is turning down the lows on one track and increasing the lows on the other. Another option presented in each of DJ mixers is vertical volume faders. By using them, you will increase the volume of a chosen track so that it could be head when the other is playing.

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