Learning to Mix Dj Basics

Due to presence of software and other digital gear in ample quantity, it has been easier to learn your DJ lessons now. It also has been much cheaper . But learning to be a DJ online and that too free with good speed is made possible through various best disc jockeying sites, especially meant for beginners. Digital disc jockeying has a long way to go. It is much popular in comparison to vinyl one. DJ lessons are free and can be enumerated from lesson 1 to 4. Lesson 1 includes the basic setup. Lesson 2 includes recipe of preparing DIY washing fluid to restore 12 inches vinyls. Lesson 3 talks about the advanced disc jockeying skills apart from EQing. Finally, the scribble scratch technique is the last session. In all these 4 lessons , you will learn everything from the beginning to the end.

The image of basic disc jockeying setup ensures that you plug turntables into the phono socket on the mixer. There are many alternative ways which helps you to connect the equipment in order to facilitate creative advantages during mixing. There are many products, which can clean dirt and vinyl can be dusted off. DIY Vinyl fluid of washing works best for that. In order to make up the cleaning fluid, you need to have 3 parts of distilled water , 1 part of Isopropyl alcohol and few drops of photographic agent .You can also replace the agent of wetting with a washing liquid or wash fluid . Once the fluid is prepared, you need to wash the records with a lint free cloth . Thereafter you can rinse it with distilled water for removing any residue. You can simply hang the vinyl to dry up. This also works with coded vinyl. EQing is actually the process, in which you can mix along with your mixer EQ control. It is advisable to see the video about the eq control of the DJ mixer . It can change the color of audio and can completely change the tracks without actually touching the faders.

Some of the peculiar tricks can be added in order to increase the depth to the mix. Lastly the scribble and scratch technique can be easily incorporated into the scratch combination. You can also customize the equipment for getting good performance during scratching. Learning online video of a digital DJ enables you to transform yourself from complete beginner to disc jockeying gig within a short period of time. This digital DJ course is perfect for people, who are with or without gear. They have controller DJ’S of any variety. It teaches you as if you are new in this field. All you can learn about this stuff under the belt.

Digital disc jockeying can be possible through controllers and laptops. It helps in achieving the lifestyle of Dj easily. The techniques of disc jockeying and technical skills are to be mastered . You should also know that the particular gear which is best for you. The necessary skills and the place of finding the best music should be also studied before actually taking up the lessons. Spending your money wisely at the time, when you choose the gear. Later, you will also learn about actually building a digital library that can enthrall any audience, depending upon your style of music.

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