How to learn to become a DJ?

Since time immemorial human beings have been attracted to music. In a world divided by inequality and discrimination, music is one force which is a great equalizer; people love it cutting across barriers of class and creed. Its language goes to heart. Modern trend of music playing has undergone a complete makeover by arrival of a music playing professional called Dj or disc jockey. He or she performs the task of playing music at a party, club or a function
and according to mood of audience or the nature of occasion. Many successful Dj have progressed in music industry to elevated positions despite starting with a very humble beginning. They have become music artists, composers or joined mega corporation of music industry. All of this shows that this field is dynamic and growing. Youngsters are yearning to learn to be a Dj, but often do not know how and where they can do so.

Since it is a new phenomena, it is hard to find a degree or diploma course in disc jockeying, but there are few places and academy in every city, where one can have a short term course may be of three to six months during which they will get the opportunity to be familiar with all the complex equipments, mixing software and genre of contemporary music, which is popular at present. Online tutorials are also available for help of people who want to learn to be a Dj. One can learn at their own pace and ease at these online teaching websites. However, there is a contrary view which says that since this industry is very new and each Dj has hers or his own style, there is very few across the board standards, which makes teaching of this art very difficult, and it is better to learn on the job, or invest some money into necessary equipments and start on your own and see how their skill gets refined with the passage of time.

However, if someone has undergone a few month’s course or has gone through online tutorial, at least he or she will know how to operate various complex equipments which goes with work of a Dj, and they also have some grounding about where and how to start playing their music. Their confidence is sure to be more than a person who does not know anything about these things but want to get on the job experience for becoming a Dj or is trying to learn to be a Dj. There are sites available on internet, which provide step by step guidance; it can be useful for new aspirants to go through this information.

When a person wants to learn to be a Dj, they should be able to keep an open mind and flexible attitude, as in this dynamic field of music everyone has to chart out their own way, other people and website can only indicate do and don’ts, but actual journey of learning has to be covered by each individual in his or her personal capacity. Music is related to matters of heart, and heart is beyond logic.

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