Detailed Review of the New Rane MP2015 Mixer

Any person who wants to become a real DJ needs to try all the benefits of The New Rane MP2015 mixer that is enabled to create quality sounds adding various effects with closely positioned knobs and faders. You will feel how easy it is to manipulate all the tracks with the presence of four channels and an additional one to connect all of them together.

The improved version of a mixer will help you connect Traktor & Serato without using any hardware. DJ changeovers turned to be really easy if you use Serato timecode. Thanks to the style of the mixers, it helps you achieve more control over filters, and the mix itself. A Dj will get a chance to create a number of cool effects with the help of an isolator section which is located at the top. A variety of input and output styles will provide any user with an opportunity to create tracks loved by different audiences. Professionals consider it to be the best choice for lovers of digital Rotary control.DJ mixer review


Djs note that the mixer is reliable and durable and it has been the best product produced by Rane for the last 40 years. It is a techno house club mixer that can be used along with high-end audio systems. In general, the design of the mixer is really original and stunning and you will not remain without excitement.

It has classic rotary mixers which were used in the mixers of the 70s but remain rather trendy nowadays. They will add more convenience to Djs who are going to use it. The worst thing is that it does not have a crossfader but the price of it is not that high as expected. It will definitely be chosen by a number of Djs though it is in the top end of the market price-wise.

Image courtesy of rane.com

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