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Behringer Mixer review

There are certain features that are typical to all the mixers presented in 2015. Most of manufacturers demonstrated their pragmatic and functional approach to the production of dj mixers. As a result, there appeared a lot of them with high fidelity sounds and advanced consoles with visual simulation. Besides, the manufacturers decided to put emphasis on such additions as board effects, LCD displays and digital connectivity.

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Forbes has released the ranking of the highest paid DJ’s for 2013. Calvin Harris is one of them who is getting at least 46 million dollars in this year. Besides him, Deadmau, Avicii, armin and skrillex are also the highest paid DJs. They have been able to earn more than 21 million dollars this year. Since the beginning of 2009, Electric Zoo has become a staple of live music in the city of New York. The festival brings both the biggest and upcoming producers in the scene of EDM. The festival opens from 30 August 2013 to 1 September 2013. One epic event is launched for every musical genre. It is held on the weekend of Labor Day on the island of Randall. The festival combines upcoming Dj producers in the EDM Scene. This year will see 5 stages.

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There are several Dj schools online but those aspiring to become professional DJs should go with one that offers best services at reasonable rates. Some features that are must in every online DJ school are given below:

  • Anytime, anywhere, unlimited access- online DJ schools should provide students the facility of availing their courses as well as learning at anytime, from any place, and this access should be unlimited. They should provide extensive library online so that it becomes easy for students to study and that too from the comfort of their homes.