Types of Special Effects for Virtual DJ Program

There are lots of DJs playing in clubs across the globe. Even celebrities are trying their hand on becoming one. That’s why it is important for a DJ to find something that will make him or her stand out. Virtual DJ is software that has been helping people create innovative music since it was launched in 2000. It has managed to simplify the art of becoming a musical entertainer. It also delivers various effects to make one’s music unique. Below are the various types of special effects for the Virtual DJ.

Virtual DJ Main Control Panel

Long Brake

The Long Brake will keep the listener clueless as to what will happen next after the unexpected break. It gives the DJ the chance to make decisions such as when to stop the music and just let the ambient sound play for a while.


Crusher is one of Virtual DJ’s effects that combines and distorts the sounds. It reduces the sampling rate, as well as the bit accuracy. It comes with an anti-aliasing filter that can be adjusted depending on how much distortion the DJ wants to have.


Cut randomly removes beats from a song that’s playing on the virtual turntable. The effect can be put onto as many beats as the DJ wants. It can be utilized any time while the song is playing.


Boomerang is utilized to manipulate samples, and provides the ability to insert a sample, fade the sample out, and then have the song playing again. The DJ can use the effect in any song of the playlist.

Forward Reverse

Forward Reverse lets the DJ to reverse any part of the song while it continues to play. The user has the option of playing the song in reverse until a specific beat in order to start and end the Forward reverse.


SubBass provides additional deep bass to a song when it needs it. It places another layer of bass over the current bass line of the song or sample.


Sampler does what it is named for. It lets the DJ take parts of an existing song and use the sample in a new mix. The DJ can control the volume of the song and the sample.

Virtual DJ Sampler

Slide Loop

Slide Loop is used to count down towards the end of a song. Applying the effect will allow the DJ to play the sample on a loop, but each time it plays, the sound is shortened.


You can download Virtual DJ here for free and try it!


Virtual DJ Effects


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