Traktor 2 Pro Definitely for Professional DJs

One of the leading companies in the sphere of DJ mixing software, named Native Instruments, presented Traktor 2 Pro which is considered to be a must have among the experienced DJs. It is intuitive and user-friendly software that provides DJs with a number of opportunities that will make the process of mixing rather easy. Generally, it has a convenient skin with four track decks. Having added a remix deck, it has increased the range of opportunities for DJs.

If you get used to mixing with the help of the mixing software, you will see how your skills in mixing will improve and your tracks will get popular as well. It is not software for newbies and it has a rather professional look. Navigation is almost perfect and the presence of included color-coded waveforms makes the software one of the best in the market. As a result, DJs will not have problems with defining kicks and hi-hats in the beat and setting precise cue points.

Mixing DJ Software

With the opportunity to zoom in your waveform, you can easily define the wanted cue points as well. A lot of experts consider the presence of a new remix deck to be really outstanding as it helps any DJ control all the loops and play them simultaneously with the main track decks. The software developer states that the remix deck can handle 64 samples and it is a real achievement and makes the software a leader.

Moreover, a DJ can also run the remix deck independently from the main decks adding some scratching effects. One more benefit of the software is that if you have a number of samples, you can easily store them in your remix deck as a remix set. If there is a need in using the remix set, you can easily drag those samples, and Traktor 2 Pro will play the samples in the order you have saved them.

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