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Turntable and mixer setup

Whether you want to be a professional DJ or just a bedroom DJ, it is important that you know how to use the tools of the trade. There are various brands, types, and styles of mixers and turntables on the market today but the good news is that they all work with the same principle. After learning how to use your rig, the next step is developing your own style, methods, and techniques. Being creative is also a necessity to become a good DJ. For this you’ll need a good set of mixer, turntables, needles, records, headphones and studio speakers.

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From the advent of the nineties, it has become simpler for new DJ’s to grasp the techniques of beat mix. This has been facilitated by present dance tracks possessing lengthy intros, stoppages and effects having precisely synchronized computer produced beats, without any live drummer. But the magic of vinyl records with classic turntables is not present in this modern equipment.

In modern times, beat mixing skill uses different turntables, either with accompanying CD players or only CD player tracks along with a mixer which synthesizes pre-recorded audios while sustaining a regular beat. Since a DJ is able to integrate tracks in an innovative way by extracting the vocal or instrument-less accompaniment of a particular track and super-impose it with the pitch of an entirely different track, the DJ can generate recent and rare versions of preceding songs.

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