Steps on Cueing a Song

If you want to become a professional DJ, one of the most basic things that you need to do is to cue a song. This involves preparing a song in order to play it when you need to. To do so, you must choose a cue point and then press a button that will play the song exactly where you cued it. Below are the steps that will help you learn how to cue a song.

The first thing you need to have is proper equipment to practice on. You need at least a semi-professional DJ CD player, mixer, and software when there is one. But the last item is not required when cueing. For this task, Denon dual deck mountable CD players are recommended.

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Check out the main button, as well as the functions of the control deck. Then look for the Cue button, which is used to stop, start, and return to the cue point. Then you must find the Play/Pause button, as well as the jog wheel. The latter is used to adjust the cue point.

Another button that you should know about is the pitch adjust slider that slows down or speeds up the song so that you can mix it with another one. There is also the pitch adjust buttons that has a similar function to the pitch adjust slider but only in smaller increments. It also has a single/continuous function that allows the next song to play automatically. Advanced CD players have touch screens that allows the user to drag and drop notes and mix MP3 files.

To cue a song, start with the first beat that is also known as the downbeat. There are some songs that start right away with the downbeat, while other songs have an instrumental lead-in. If it is the latter, then go through the song with the jog wheel until you come across with the downbeat. Then set up the cue point. And that’s it. You now know how to cue a song.

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