Learning How to Mix and Fade

You can learn how to use a DJ mixer, just like any other musical instrument. Learning how to use it can be lots of fun. Once you know all the knobs, sliders, and channels, you will be able to mix songs like a professional DJ. For this tutorial, you will need a DJ mixer, speakers, headphones, amplifiers, and turntables.

The first step in learning how to use a DJ mixer is to know how the proper use of the cross fader. Slide the cross fader back and forth between the two tracks that are playing on the turntables. Moving the slider to the left will play the track that’s on the left turntable. When you slide to the right, the track playing on the right will play on the speakers. When the cross fader is at the middle, both tracks will be heard.

Just below the cross fader is the fader curve. There are some mixers that place it beside the cross fader. It is used to adjust how the cross fader will go between the two tracks. You should determine what mix you are going to do and adjust the fader curve appropriately. The closer the knob to the minimum level, the transition will be smoother. This is the ideal setting for nightclubs so that songs will turn into danceable mixes. Turning the fader curve to maximum setting will result to abrupt change from one song to another. DJs use this setting to go from one track to another with great precision.

Dj Mixers Basics

The equalizer will adjust the sound levels of the songs. It has three sliders, which are Lo, Mid, and Hi. Pushing the any of the sliders down or up will reduce or increase the sound level. Turning the Hi slider all the way up, then it will drown the other sounds.

The gain knows are used to keep the input from the mixer at a constant level. The vertical volume sliders or level control will decrease or increase the volume of the music that’s playing. The volume sliders must remain parallel all the time. The DJ mixer will also have a button that will send audio signals from the turntable to the headphones. This is useful to monitor and preview cued tracks via the headphones and not the speakers.

Professional Mixing Controller by mr.smashy, on Flickr
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