Equipment and Gear Tips for the Traveling DJ

One of the most crucial functions of every DJ is to protect their Dj gear. Given below are some tips that will assist you in doing so.


  • Prepare backups as it is very important. Those who play a gig should bring their backup. They can carry bootable clone of their HD. In this way, they can boot into their set-up in case of emergency. In case individuals lose their hard drive, they’ll be ready for downloading from internet only if their DJ is set into Cloud. Some good ones include Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Music, and Dropbox that can maintain your tracks for re-downloading.
  • Don’t bring your Dj gear naked. Instead you can keep it in a customized bag or kit that includes controllers, laptops, soundcards, and all those equipments that you require. Just like a good warrior, you must know your battlefield. This means if you are playing in some new venue, and haven’t seen the place prior, you can go a day before the final day for viewing the place. This will assist you in planning as to where you can place your DJ setup. It will be a good opportunity to talk with management and request them to arrange things that you will need on the final day.
    Traktor gear by sebilden, on Flickr
    Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  sebilden 
  • DJ gear is costly equipment and insuring it will make you get rid of the expenses that you may be required to pay in case your equipment gets damaged or lost. Another important thing is to make a packing checklist. It is a serious matter, write down things that you will require and prior to moving out, you should cross-verify items in that list with your packing.
  • If it’s possible, raise the gear up from lowest booth area. This is because drinks will fall downward that can be from your hand or your friend’s hand. So it’s better to take safety measures before your DJ gear is put under stack. Place your controllers and laptop at high position. Make use of stands for placing your controllers and laptop. Another option is to place controllers and laptops on CDJs/turntables. Carry square foam pieces for equipments that are underneath.
  • Ensure that your sound card is placed in a safe position. Moreover, place USB cables in right position so that they remain connected to their hub else they would become a source of constant irritation while you are playing music. You need to secure most important things like earplugs.
  • Once you are done with your job and packed your things, make use of a checklist that you created for ensuring that all Dj gear items are in place. Carryout the checking twice so as to become confirmed about all your equipments. Check for the plugs and other connecting devices as well. Keep your bag safely in DJ booth if you have to go for some work. If you are keeping your Dj gear in bag, you can carry this bag with you wherever you go. In this way safety of your equipment is guaranteed.

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