DJM-800 Mixer Standard but Popular

The Pioneer DJM-800 is considered to be a standard tool for any DJ and thanks to its flexibility, the mixer is rather popular. The mixer provides a new level of creativity for people that are fond of creating music. It has improved computer connectivity that helps any DJ save the tracks directly to the computer or to mix tracks directly from it. Thanks to a great number of effects and enhanced performance, the mixer will be the centerpiece of any DJ setup.

The layout is rather similar to the one featured in the previous version. The connection panel is improved and became more intuitive. The lifespan of the mixer is increased thanks to advanced fader technologies. According to the manufacturer, it has an in-built USB soundcard which is enabled to provide simultaneous stereo signals from 4 inputs and 4 outputs.

The quality of the produced sound is improved with 24-bit/96 kHz processing. The faders presented in the model are rather smooth with the resistance that prevents them from sliding. Moreover, the crossfader is rather typical for this type of mixers and with some basic setup, you will be able to scratch. It is basic and considered to be a club mixer for general purposes. You should not expect more than a basic mixer can provide you with. In general, DJs consider that it is a high performance mixer that will provide you with the wanted creativity and will let you mix everything you want.

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Including Dub Echo, Space and Gate/Comp sound effects, you will easily add the wanted sounds with twisting the proper knobs. Numerous combinations and arrangements become available and let you build more creative expressions. With the help of X-Pad, you will an opportunity to control and manage all the sound effects with ease and each effect can be transformed as well.

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