Free DJ Software worth Checking out

The offer in DJ software has become more and more competitive in the last years. Al most al DJ software manufacturers are making a high level product with all the bells and whistles that were almost unpaidable 5 or 10 years ago. Choosing a DJ mixing software is a matter of taste and a personal chocie. We suggest that you try several of them before committing into a long terms DJ software relationship.

There a 3 DJ software that we recommend and which are free to use an try:

1. Virtual DJ Home Version

free virtual dj software

This is a DJ software powerhouse used by big DJ stars. The free version has most of the capacities of the full version but doesn’t include MID control. You can check it out here. Vitual DJ

2. Mixxx

mixx dj software

It is an excellent free software . It i has very useful features on a DJ software like: integration with Itunes, MIDI support, BPM detection , several skin choices and Auto DJ among others.     You can check it out here: Mixxx

3. DJ Pro decks


Designed for keyboard control. DJ Pro Decks has no restrictions on its use Three effects, memory banks and samplers per deck, complete mixer, equalizer, auto mix, sync and beat detection functions,  ultra fast search.                                                                                                        You can check it out here: Pro Decks

Free DJ Software will work very well with any level of DJ, even if you are a professional. If you want to check paid DJ and mixing software you can check them out here Paid DJ Software.

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