Consider Benefits of NOX202 Mixer and Its Intuitive Layout

A lot of DJs choose using the NOX202 because of its intuitive layout which turns the process of mixing into an easy task. Some of famous DJs consider the mixer to be with no boundaries as it has all the possible RCA inputs to connect CD players, tape deck and turntables.

With the help of featured XENYX mic preamps, any DJ will get a chance to make different announcements during the performance. With the introduction of USB connectivity, any professional composer will have an opportunity to use MP3 libraries or to create the most popular mix directly from the computer.

DJs are satisfied with the phono and XENYX mic preamps which provide them with the great dynamic range and superior sonic integrity. Besides, the NOX202 provides you with enhanced monitoring features presented in the form of a SPLIT/BLEND button. With the help of it, you will be able to combine cue and program sources or to use them separately. At the same time, there are all necessary outputs that will provide you with exceptional versatility.

In other words, it is a perfect 2-channel DJ battle mixer enhanced with an FX section, full-kill filters and band channel EQ. Perfect integrity is what differs the mixer from similar devices in this class. The mixer also features an optical crossfader that will provide you with a chance to adjust tension. A lot of DJs find the mixer rather durable thanks to its simplicity and reliable materials it is made of.

Behringer NOX 202 Mixer review

Thanks to the presence of a beat-syncable FX, a DJ has a range of 12 high-quality digital effects that can be used along with a microphone, channels and crossfaders. In addition, each of these sound effects can be adjusted to the mix you are going to create. Using the TAP button will help you beat-sync the effect to the tempo.

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